The Step Up Club is THE voice to listen to when it comes to women’s careers, according to Stylist Live. Via its modern events, pithy online content, high profile brand collaborations and weekly newsletter, the Step Up Club delivers practical, accredited career advice and broadens its followers’ networks. Their next big project, Step Up School, is an innovative online learning program and launches this Spring!  Visit Step Up Club on-line and follow their instagram @THESTEPUPCLUB to be inspired and gain all the confidence you need to make your career dreams a reality!

Q. Hardest Lesson You Learned in Business?

I think accepting our own limitations; we are career experts, we have knack for engaging content and we have ideas aplenty, but these alone do not build a sustainable business. Asking for help has been vital for us to grow and be our best. As two perfectionists, asking for help has been a gradual learning curve. Now we couldn’t be without all of the amazing women who support us along the way. As one person said to us recently, team work is dream work!

Q. Three Things That Define Your Brand/Business/Project?

Authenticity, Femininity, Passion.

Q. Favourite Local Hangout?

We are partial to a Soho House breakfast meeting.

Q. What Woman Inspires You?

For Phanella, it’s her mother, who has unerring energy and intellect; for Alice, it’s her paternal grandmother, a woman with drive, humility and jewelry to rival top royalty.

Q. Quote You Live By?

Yes you can. Why? Because achieving what you want out of live is so much about self belief. When we have confidence in ourselves, or we are least able to draw on confidence when the opportunity requires it, our dreams come attainable goals.

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