Allison Savini, founder, looking cool in Kate!

Officina del Poggio is a collection of essential leather accessories, founded in 2014 on the core ideals of timelessness, heirloom quality, and artisanal Italian craftsmanship. With their understated elegance and classic silhouettes, the iconic styles combine modern luxury with utilitarian practicality. 


In the summer you can usually find me at the Chioschetto right at the foot of the hills in Bologna… it is usually a few degrees cooler there than in the city center, and it serves the best piadine. In the winter one of my favorite places for day or night is the ExForno bar, next to the MAMBO modern art museum… it is laid-back and eclectic and always has a great mix of people.


Lipstick! It makes me feel instantly put-together. 


Balancing work and my private life. With technology today and all the different communication methods it can be hard to detach, especially when I love what I do so much and it involves meeting and working with so many incredible people! Yet I do have to make more of an effort to put my phone away and take some time off.


Arizona Muse. I was lucky to meet and collaborate with her this last year and she has taught me so much about sustainability and living a more eco-friendly life. Arizona questions and challenges while at the same time enforcing the concept that it is about progress, not perfection… even small changes can make a huge difference. 


“Nothing will work unless you do.” by Maya Angelou.  I am definitely a do-er and have no patience for people who expect things to happen without working for it. 

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