Georgina @theofficialgeorgelife, wearing Christy, is a blogger based in Swindon. She started actively blogging in 2018 and loves to post about fashion, beauty and brands that she thinks she can create a fabulous look! Before starting her insta journey, @theofficialgeorgelife, she was just another mum doing the school run and tying her hair back, popping on flats and a lick of minimal makeup. She was known as “Glam George” before having her twins so this has given her back her mojo and she loves to share her style and live with her fabulous followers!


When I tell people I am from Swindon their reaction is usually a scrunched up face as they recognize it from the comedy “The Office”. It’s not known for being a pretty town, however there are places to visit that are fabulous. My favourite place is The McArthur Glenn Swindon Outlet. This place is perfect for me as I get amazing bargains and it’s great to window shop and get the kids playing too whilst I stock up on my caffeine levels:)


Right now it’s homeschooling my five year old twins! I don’t have a great amount of patience and having to repeat the simplest of things 10x over can sometimes make me run out of the room! September cannot come soon enough. Hats off to the teachers all over the world! I could NOT do that job for a living!


I am actually very good at word games such as Scrabble and Boggle so I guess I could always offer up a bet on these and know I stand a pretty good chance of winning.


There are so many that it’s hard to choose but one that I always think about is Princess Diana. For me she had such empathy and a massive amount of kindness about her.


“Keep your heels, head and standards high.” -Coco Chanel

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