Entrepreneurs often speak about “The Journey.” However, it’s not until you start your own business that you fully understand that your life is now on this very long “journey.”

Livotte is a concept that happened organically. We both worked in fashion for many years, loved the industry and as young moms, we selfishly needed to fill a void in our wardrobe. We needed practical chic tops!

Sound complicated? Of course not. Two years later we are finally launching, after what seems like the world’s longest road trip…

As Americans, specifically as New Yorkers, we expect immediate response; we expect enthusiasm and we expect a strong work ethic.  It’s not that these attributes do not exist in London or in the UK, it’s just taken some trial and error to build a team with these characteristics.

From illustrators to factories, fabric suppliers to patternmakers we have experienced some of the best and worst in this city. From Wimbledon to Wembley we have travelled to every tube stop in between. We have seen parts of London that we did not know existed.  There were many days when a small glance was all we needed to exchange. “Why are we doing this??  Why?”

“you do start to feel a sense of responsibility”

The truth is that what has kept us going is the support from our friends and family. So many have loved our idea and when you know you are bringing something new to the market, you do start to feel a sense of responsibility. Once we started spreading the word, there was no going back. School mums and girls from exercise class would stop us on the street to find out when the site was launching  “soon!” we assured them, “we’ll email you” we promised.

Three patternmakers, five factories and ten fabric trials later, Livotte is live!

From the start we wanted to build a brand that was designed, made and managed in London. We love London. It’s where we live, (where we love and where we lunch) so growing a business anywhere else was never a consideration. We source organic fabric in the UK from one of the top mills in the world. Our factory specializes in small run production; this ensures top quality and finishing from sample room to production. Our press and distribution are handled in-house.

“Livotte is taking the basic tee to new heights and bringing new life to a wardrobe staple.”

Live in It. Love in It. Lunch in It.



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