Stammtisch: German for “regulars’ table”, is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis, and also the usually large, often round table around which the group meets. A Stammtisch is not a structured meeting, but rather a friendly get-together.

In a world where we are always connected, racing around and ticking things from the to-do list, always squeezed by our commitments and our kid’s daily routines, it’s really nice to have a regular “girls night” to look forward to.

In Alsace, France, where my mother and half my family are from, the stammtisch is a long -standing tradition. Most bistros have a stammtisch table in the corner where regulars gather. When I mentioned my desire for a “Cheers,” (for those of you familiar with the great American sit-com) here in London, my business partner, Beth jumped at the idea.

We decided that on the last Monday of every month we would escape from social media, husbands and partners, work and kids and encourage other women to join us at our local pub. In a city with so many incredible women, ones we know from our kid’s schools, our gyms and clubs, we are always thinking, I’d love to know her better. We always say “we should have a coffee” or “let’s have lunch” when passing on the street. Unfortunately in our very full modern lives we just don’t have the extra time. The stammtisch is a noncommittal way to make that time happen with good drinks and good chat.

To introduce this concept, new to all but a few German and Dutch friends, we sent out an email invite. Despite writing “no need to rsvp” our friends emailed, called and stopped us on the street to tell us they would be coming and thanked us for the brilliant concept.

Our aim is to bring great women together. It’s a time to connect with old friends, new friends, colleagues, acquaintances and friends of friends. There is no pressure, if you can’t stop by, there will be another the following month.

On Monday morning we sent out a reminder and managed our expectations.  Beth and I met at 6:30pm; with her glass of rosé and my earl grey martini, we waited wondering how many would join us. Before we knew it the room was packed, tables bustling with women drinking and laughing. No phones, no photos, just loud chatter. I did a quick count and was shocked to see about 50 women gathered on a Monday night.

Beth got to meet friends of mine she had heard about for ages and I got to reconnect with old ones of hers. One friend saw her college flatmate. A Norwegian and a Portuguese lived together in Edinburgh and I had no idea these friends knew one another!

The night ended around 11pm and the next day our inboxes were flooded with thank yous. It seems that despite our busy lives, many of us long for a feeling of community, a place to run into our friends and meet new ones. We are thrilled to bring this old world tradition to the modern women we adore. We hope you will continue to come chat with us, and one another, on the last Monday of every month. Because as we say “girls need girls.”




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