We decided to start Livotte because there was a void in our wardrobes for a T-shirt but elevated… We wanted something comfortable and luxurious to wear instead of the masses of silk blouses that fill our closets and require “dry clean only.” Livotte, named after our daughters Livvy and Charlotte, is a collection of effortless, chic, machine washable organic cotton jersey tops that take us seamlessly throughout our day.

Our backgrounds are wholesale and retail with a combined experience of 30 years in the industry. As we are in the height of the digital era, one of the first things we decided was that Livotte would be an on-line vertical business. Our goal was to sell directly to our consumer, grow our customer base and learn as much about her as possible.


The first question we are always asked is: “Where are you carried? ” We are not asked because the woman plans to run out and buy from said retailer, but rather because it legitimizes what we do.  She is discerning, does her research and has limited time.


We take steps every day to get to know her better and communicate with her (on a level which is helpful and hopefully not annoying). Our goal is to offer her exceptional customer service. There is a huge shift in shopping trends and we ourselves do the majority of our shopping on-line and love finding new independent designers.  Recently we received interest from Harvey Nichols and Jane Davidson so we took a chance and partnered with both to expose Livotte to a wider audience. They are wonderful retailers with stores that are well curated and have the right brand adjacency for our collection, however we still firmly believe that no store can grow your customer base and do the work for you. There are no short cuts.  So while retailers are certainly great for exposure and legitimacy, only you can create the buzz.



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