In today’s digital world we are constantly bombarded with businesses communicating at us through emails, texts and now even whatsapp messages! Deals, promotions, new products, images and verbiage are all being thrown at us and at times it feels that there is no escape. It may no longer come through our post box but we wake up to flooded inboxes. Many of us start our day by deleting half of this digital junk.

When we started Livotte we didn’t want to send out a newsletter. We were so frustrated with all the unrequested emails in our inbox that we thought, why? Why do this to our customers? We quickly learned why. Even if you delete, it is still keeping a brand front of mind. It’s a reminder to our customers and our followers that we exist. She has to know that we are there and working hard to update her wardrobe. She has to be reminded why she loves us and that she wants more from us.

As you’ve guessed, we caved and now send out a monthly newsletter however we took a long time to develop the concept. We thought about what we would not delete, what we would take a minute or so to read. It definitely had to be something inspiring and not just the typical promotion or new product launch. We came up with “Modern Women Doing Great Things” because we know so many amazing entrepreneurial women around the UK who inspire us. They are our role models and have helped make Livotte possible and continue to drive us to the next stage. From tech to not for profit, community building to wellness, we deliver insight into the lives of truly inspirational women who are heading up successful businesses across the country. Our aim is for our customer to be inspired and to feel empowered as well.

For us it’s always been about more than selling tops; it’s been about creating a community of likeminded women and building relationships across industries. We both love to meet new people and networking so it is no surprise that in addition to our monthly Stammtisch: girls drinks and our newsletter, we communicate with our customer in a personal, inspirational and sincere way.



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