Modern Women Doing Great Things: Maryam Zamani


MZ Skin is a high performance skincare rooted in medical science coupled with a beautiful sensory experience. Using pioneering, anti-ageing ingredients, these formulations are clinically-proven to provide an easy to understand skincare method that delivers visible results to Reveal, Enhance, & Protect the skin. Visit her website to learn more about MZ Skin and Dr Zamani’s signature procedures and treatments. MZ Skin


Modern Women Doing Great Things: Step Up Club

The Step Up Club is THE voice to listen to when it comes to women’s careers, according to Stylist Live. Via its modern events, pithy online content, high profile brand collaborations and weekly newsletter, the Step Up Club delivers practical, accredited career advice and broadens its followers’ networks. Their next big project, Step Up School, is an innovative online learning program and launches this Spring!  Visit Step Up Club on-line and follow their instagram @THESTEPUPCLUB to be inspired and gain all the confidence you need to make your career dreams a reality!


Modern Women Doing Great Things: Tessa Packard

Founder and Creative Director of Tessa Packard, a contemporary fine jewelry brand recognized for designing eclectic bi-annual collections and unique bespoke pieces that celebrate both individuality and story telling. View and shop her collection at Tessa Packard


Modern Women Doing Great Things: Katia Manktelow

Owner of Goat, an Italian style restaurant and bar in the heart of Chelsea.  Our favorite local!


Modern Women Doing Great Things: Elena Lavagni

Elena Lavigni is the founder of Neville Hair & Beauty, a lifestyle brand that targets not only aesthetics but also the well-being of men and women of all ages.  By continuing to research new effective treatments Neville is able to deliver the results their clients aspire to!


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