Sustainable is definitely an “it” word. It’s thrown around in many different contexts and has a different meaning to almost everyone. We’ve been asked what it means to our brand.  And although our tops are not made of recycled plastic bags by blind nuns, we feel we are doing our part. We’ve worked in luxury and contemporary fashion for many years from Barneys New York and The Gucci Group to Joes Jeans and Lucky Magazine so we are certainly not your hippie dippy girls. We would be telling big fat lies if we said we didn’t love our leather pumps and fur gilets.  But seriously, in today’s world of fast/disposable fashion, sweatshops and deplorable working conditions, which many use to keep their margins high and prices low, we said NO and worked tirelessly to find an alternative.  

We came up with Livotte after having our daughters as a solution to the endless silk and poly/silk blouses in our closets that we now rarely wear. Why not make beautiful tops in cotton jersey?  They are comfortable and can be thrown in the wash for day -to -day use. Friends were thrilled we were setting out to fill a void that we all seem to have in our wardrobes. 

Many brands offer garments “Designed in London, Made in China. ” This is something we never considered. It goes against our brand ethos and was not what we set out to achieve.  We live in London; our girls were born here and will most likely grow up in this amazing city.  We want to support the London fashion community and make the extra effort (and by extra effort we are putting it mildly) to deliver a product both designed and made right here within the M25. 

Some consumers care that fabric is organic and some don’t. For us, it’s definitely a plus that we were able to source a fabric that is both organic and luxurious.  Our mill is in the Midlands and the yarns are the best in Europe making our cotton jersey tops luxurious, long lasting and able to withstand many many machine washes.  

For us sustainability is about offering a locally designed and produced top with the best organic cotton fabric available in the market woven right outside our city centre.  We are adamant about making it here and keeping our carbon footprint as tiny as possible!  

Pair it with your leather leggings or blue jeans or even your favourite pencil skirt and Live In It, Love In It, Lunch In It!


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